Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The V.A.R.K Test

This test was a reflection on my way of learning and which ways suit me best. The test will help me to see which way I prefer to learn. There where 4 categories in total Visual, Aural, Read/Write and Kinesthetic as shown above. This showed me that I am a kinesthetic learner which means I enjoy a hands on approach using real life examples and work with computers and in laboratories. I enjoy working in laboratory's and conducting tests it makes learning fun also easier for me to understand, I am a more logical thinker then creative and like to use a proses for learning and revising which is reflected on my work. 

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  1. Well done Joe for creating your blog and writing this first post. You said that you weren't creative. However, you are one of the only ones that chose a different layout to the standard one. I would call that being creative! We will be looking at different ways to personalise your blog in future sessions. If you want to have a go at that beforehand, there is a link in one of the sidebars in the class blog to a post explaining how to do it.

    Although your post is written well, using well structured sentences, there are a couple of spelling/grammatical errors. You correctly used the plural of laboratory once - why not a second time! Also, the first word on the last line is not correct. It is always a good idea to proof read any writing you publish to make sure it is error free.